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Presentations and Webinars

November 2011 - Breakfast and Beyond! presented at the annual conference of the California School Nutrition Association. Related handouts:

April 2011 - Improving School Breakfast Programs: A Winning Strategy for All, presented at the annual conference of the California State PTA.

2011 BreakfastFirst Webinar Series

  • 4.27.2011 BreakfastFirst webinar: School Board Policy to Build and Sustain Effective Breakfast Programs materials.
  • 4.13.2011 BreakfastFirst webinar: Promotion and Outreach for Effective School Breakfast Programs materials.
  • 3.30.2011 BreakfastFirst webinar: Making Breakfast More Nutritious, Appealing, and Affordable materials.
  • 3.16.2011 BreakfastFirst webinar: Breakfast at a Better Time & Place materials.
  • 3.2.2011 BreakfastFirst webinar: Classroom Breakfast materials.
  • 2.16.2011 BreakfastFirst webinar: School Breakfast Basics 101 materials.

January 2011 - Surefire Strategies for Improving School Breakfast Programs, presented at the annual conference of the California School Nutrition Association.  Accompanying resources:


Everybody Eats: Breakfast for Learning - a how-to video on Classroom Breakfast and Second Chance/Grab n' Go Breakfast with perspectives from a wide range of stakeholders.

LAUSD: Breakfast in the Classroom - a video featuring a host of school stakeholders describing the benefits of the Classroom Breakfast model and the best practices used by LAUSD.

Starting Your Day with Classroom Breakfast - a nutrition education and a how-to video from San Diego Unified School District.

Breakfast to Go - a video from St. Paul Public Schools describing their successful hybrid program that combines Classroom Breakfast and Grab n' Go.

State Legislation and Breakfast After the Bell - a video from Appleseed highlighting the state law requiring after-the-bell breakfast in New Mexico's low-income schools. Fantastic!

How To's & Guidance

Does Breakfast in the Classroom Really Work? - A two-page handout from Action for Healthy Kids describing the benefits of Classroom Breakfast in San Diego Unified School District. This resource includes great photos of each step in the daily Classroom Breakfast routine.

School Breakfast Handbook (San Diego Unified School District) - a comprehensive guide to implementing, funding, and operating Classroom Breakfast and other models. This great resource includes everything from equipment lists to training materials to communication strategies.

Comparing School Breakfast Models - a table showing side-by-side comparisons of four school breakfast models: Traditional Breakfast, Classroom Breakfast, Grab n' Go Breakfast and Second Chance Breakfast.

Full Stomachs, Full Minds (2011) - report from New Mexico Appleseed on the whys and hows of after-the-bell breakfast, including information about New Mexico's state law requiring low-income schools to integrate breakfast into the school day.

A Guide to Breakfast in the Classroom (MA Department of Education) - a quick guide for Classroom Breakfast, including "How To’s" and FAQs.

There’s More than One Way to Serve Breakfast (USDA)USDA’s “how to” guide describing Breakfast in the Classroom, Grab ‘n Go, Breakfast after 1st Period, and Breakfast on the Bus.

State Superintendent Letter Encouraging School Breakfast (Jan. 2010) - a the letter from the California State Superintendent of Public Instruction encouraging the use of school breakfast “to enhance children’s health and improve their academic achievement.”

State Superintendent and State Controller Memo on Classroom Breakfast (July 2010)  - a memo from the California State Superintendent of Public Instruction and State Controller that time spent serving or eating Classroom Breakfast can count towards instructional time.

School Breakfast Program Evaluations

Evaluating School Breakfast and Implementing Second Chance Breakfast – Full Report (CFPA, 2009) – a report detailing the implementation and evaluation school breakfast in one California school district, including policy recommendations to improve school breakfast and best practices for operating a Second Chance Breakfast program.   Executive summary here.

Factors Associated With School Meal Participation (Mathematica, June 2009) - a report that investigates three aspects of student participation in the National School Meal Programs.

Fiscal Benefits of School Breakfast - a BreakfastFirst fact sheet.

NY Universal Classroom Breakfast Analysis (Nutrition Consortium of NYS) - an analysis of a Classroom Breakfast pilot involving 20 upstate New York schools.

School Breakfast – Cost Benefit Analysis (Wisconsin, 2007) a fiscal assessment of school breakfast including urban and rural school districts that utilize the conventional, Grab n' Go, and Second Chance service models.

Universal Classroom Breakfast Financial Analysis (PPT) – a PowerPoint presentation showing the positive fiscal impact of Classroom Breakfast in one California school district.

Research: Health & Academic Benefits of School Breakfast

Benefits of Breakfast - Health & Academics - a BreakfastFirst fact sheet .

Breakfast for Learning (FRAC) - a summary of scientific research on the links between nutrition and academic performance.

Impact of School Breakfast on Children’s Health and Learning (Harvard, 2008) - a review of more than 100 studies, which concludes that the School Breakfast Program is a "highly effective" support of children's learning, nutrition, and mental and physical health.

Reports: School Breakfast Access, Participation, & Policy

Running on Empty – School Breakfast Analysis in California (CFPA, 2007) a report on school breakfast access and participation, which includes local, state, and federal policy recommendations to improve the School Breakfast Program.

School Breakfast Scorecard 2009 (FRAC) – FRAC's annual, national report which analyzes participation in the School Breakfast Program and lists school nutrition policies by state.

Milwaukee Schools Classroom Breakfast Assessment (2005) – a summary of the Classroom Breakfast pilot assessment in Milwaukee Public School District. The assessment demonstrates a dramatic decrease in hunger and improved learning preparedness. The full report is here.

Provision 2 Resources

Provision 2 Training PowerPoint Presentation - from the California Department of Education Nutrition Services Division (CDE-NSD).

Worksheets to accompany the CDE-NSD Provision 2 presentation:

Implementing Provision 2 for Elementary Breakfast Only - presented by Robert Quanstrom and prepared by the Eastern Section, CASBO Child Nutrition Research and Development Committee